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        Smart Easy 拓易艺术培训中心注重发展幼儿艺术素养与体能教育。以“激发兴趣、发展个性、启迪智慧、健全人格”的办学目标。
        Smart Easy Training Center focus on the artistic quality and physical education in early childhood development. Our teaching objective is to “ develop interest, encourage individuality, enlighten children and facilitate the wholeness of character.”
        Smart Easy拓易艺术中心整合完善的心智力发展课程体系,满足幼儿全面发展的需要,包含多姿多彩的音乐、戏剧、舞蹈、口才艺术、绘画、益智与运动等综合素养提升课程,在寓教于乐的过程中培养文化素质和创新能力。艺术中心尤其重视提升幼儿与父母的亲子关系质量,策划亲子沙龙、科学育儿专题讲座及亲子游等系列活动,让学员在温馨和谐的家庭氛围中健康成长。
        In order to meet the need of comprehensive development in every child, Smart Easy has integrated a systematic set of courses covering a wide range from music ,play ,dance ,the Art of Eloquence to painting ,sports and other educational courses that can enhance the comprehensive qualities of every child. We enhance children’s cultural qualities by way of combining teaching and having fun.
Purpose of the Training Center:
 No Interest, No Education
The idea of the Training Center:
 Easy learning at young age: Broaden Horizons and Encourage interests
 Aim of the Center:
    Learning with interest, enlighten children, encourage individuality, facilitate the wholeness of personality
The Brief Introduction of the Center:
  We have developed a wide range of courses in various categories from Art (music, painting, dancing), Physical Education to Educational Courses as well as Life & Skills Courses.
Address: 1. No.162, Taizhong Road ,Xintang County ,Zengcheng District,Guangzhou
        2. No.1 Huashang Road, Licheng Street,Zengcheng District,Guangzhou ( in Huashang Vocational College)